November 17, 2010

Some thoughts on knitting

So as those of you who know me in real life know, I knit at pretty much any available opportunity. This often means I am knitting in public which leads to some inevitable statements from people.  For the purpose of performing a public service announcement, I'm going to debunk a few of them.

1. "I don't have time to do stuff like that." Do you watch movies? Wait in doctors offices? Watch tv? Sit in traffic jams? Then guess what? You have time to knit. Just because you don't have hours on end to knit doesn't mean that you don't have time. Quite frankly, a lot of the time I am knitting it's a row or two here and there. I don't sit down and churn out a sweater in one sitting here people! My point is, once you start knitting, you realize that you do have time. And then you will become obsessed and make time.

2. "My grandmother used to do that. Isn't knitting only for old people?" No. Shut up.

3. "I could never do that!" Well guess what? Have you ever tried? Then how would you know? It's really not that hard. You have two pointy stick and some string. You essentially make a serious of knots to form fabric. This is not rocket science people. Yes there are some techniques that are more difficult. But what one knitter finds difficult others think is a piece of cake. For instance, I find color work difficult and tedious. But I do enjoy knitting things with cool textures and shape. So there you have it.

4. "Would you teach me how?" Sure. Let me know when and where.

And then simply for the hell of it, a picture of the Mario afghan I've been working on for Sean:



Andrea said...

That is an awesome afghan! I've been toying with the idea of making an eight bit rug or something, but I haven't actually done it yet. Nice work!

Eleanor said...

Thanks! I posted the picture and my brother immediately requested a Zelda one!